June 5, 2023
How do I use a domain website?

In the vast landscape of website building and management, custom domain name integration holds a significant allure. How do I use a domain website? The amalgamation of a domain name with a googgli website stands as a pinnacle of achievement for ambitious digital enthusiasts, harnessing the power of personalized branding, seamless user experience and enhanced online presence . However, navigating the complex web of technicalities associated with the process can be a bewildering endeavor. Fear not, as this article aims to puzzle out and shed light on the intricacies of integrating your own domain name with the Google website.

What is domain name

Now let’s talk about what is Domain Name? Domain name is the name of your website. Domain Name is the name of any website with the help of which any internet user can reach your website. With the help of Domain Name, we can find any website in the Internet. Domain names are used to locate and identify computers on the Internet.

Computers use an IP address, which is a series of digits that are hard for us humans to remember, which is why domain names were developed. Using the domain name, we can search the website of various organizations. Domain name is a unique name which is used in place of IP address.

The domain name can be a combination of letters and numbers, which is used before the domain name extension. There are many domain name extensions available on the internet like .com, .net, .in, .gov, etc.

Before using it, it is necessary to register Domain Name. Each domain name is unique in itself, the domain name of any two different websites cannot be the same. If any person searches https://googgli.com/ then he will go to this website and not to any other website. You can also create an email of your domain name.

Need Of Domain Name

Domain Name reflects your unique identity on the Internet. Having your Domain Name, Website, and Email gives your business a professional look. If you want to do blogging, then the domain name should be unique for you, which should reflect your blogging topic. Domain Name also helps in showing your website in the search engine.

How do I use a domain website?
How do I use a domain website?

There are many types of domain names, but here I will talk about the same domain names which are important and you should use these domain names because the domain name also affects your website. Therefore, choose Domain Name only by looking at the types of those domain names.

Top lavel domain Name 

TLD’s or Top Level Domains are domains that end in com, net, and org. These are the highest level domains of the Internet. With the help of these top level domain names, you can easily rank your website on Google or any search engine. When the domain name was created in 1980, the top level domain was divided into two parts.
In this article of Wikipedia, you will get complete information about the type of domain.

Country Code Top Lavel Domain 

The main focus of these domain names is for a country and these domain names are easily ranked in that country, as if you have a website and you want to rank it only in the USA on search engines like Google or Yahoo. If you want, you can take the country code top level domain of USA which is us. Other examples of CCTLDs are us, uk, in.

Generic top lavel domain 

com, org, net, these are the domain names which can easily rank in the search engine of any country.

Second Lavel Domain 

These are the names on the left hand side of the top level domain. A prime example of a second level domain is www.yourdomain.co.com.

What is Subdomain

As you have come to know what is Domain name and what are its types and now we are going to tell you what is Subdomain?
You get the subdomain for free with your top level domain. You can create many subdomains of your top level domain, for this you do not need to pay any money. If you understand the subdomain by example, then like my website is onlinethinker.in, in this I can create another website by creating a new subdomain. For example, careers.googgli.com is a type of subdomain that you can create for free using your TLD.

How to create Domain Name?

As you have come to know what is Domain Name, now we will talk about how to create domain name and what things we should keep in mind while creating domain name.
Short domain name should always be chosen.
Domain name should be unique and short which no one else has.
Domain name should match or be similar to the name of your business or blog.
Always buy top level domain because Top Level Domain helps in ranking your website on Google.
Avoid using numbers in the domain name.
Now let’s talk in detail about how to make a good domain name –
Selecting a domain name is a very important step for your business, it helps in building your business or brand. A lot of care should be taken while selecting the domain name because a carefully selected domain name can bring a lot of traffic to your website and increase the interest of people on your business, while choosing the wrong domain name can harm your business. That’s why a lot of care should be taken while selecting the domain name which you can read below.


Domain length is an important factor while selecting a domain name because the shorter your domain name, the better it will be for you because the user will be able to remember your business and find you easily. If the domain name remains of two to three words then it is good.


If you want people to remember your website, then keep in mind that your domain name should be simple. Don’t use words in your domain name that are difficult to remember or pronounce.


Keywords are the words using which the user finds you in the search engine. If you do a local business and want that customer, then do the location in your business because it can increase your ranking. In the domain name, you can also use the words that you are providing to people through your business.

Brand Name

Your domain name represents your brand so always buy domain name keeping your brand name in mind. Take time to create a brand name and choose a unique brand name that has not been used by anyone before you and that name does not have any company or trademark registered.

Website Name

Always keep your domain name and website name same because if any person clicks on your domain name and goes to any other website then it will not be good for your business.

While taking a domain name, keep one thing in mind that having an average domain is better than having no domain name.

If you have read well till here, then you must have come to know what is a domain and how it works and what are the things we should keep in mind while buying a domain name, but if you are still unable to understand the domain name. If you are facing any problem, then you must tell us your problem by commenting below, we will contact you soon.

How to buy Domain Name?

As you have come to know what is domain name and why we should buy domain name, now we will tell you how you can buy domain name for your website.

Step one 

Before buying a domain name, it is most important that you find a unique domain name for your website, which no one has before you.
After this, you decide that from which domain provider company you want to buy the domain, let me tell you the names of some domain provider companies.

Step two 

After selecting the Domain Provider company, you go to that website and do Domain Search. I will tell you how you can buy domain by buying godaddy se domain.
To buy a domain, first of all you will search the domain name by going to the website, here you will also come to know about the domain availability of your domain name, if your domain name is available then you can buy it and if not then you will have to visit your website. Search for another name.
Keep in mind that you have to buy only top level domain because there you will see many options but buy only top level domain.
If your domain name is available after searching, then add it to cart and then click on continue to cart.
After clicking continue to cart, you will reach the payment page, here you sign in and pay and the domain will be yours, which you will see on the page of manage domain when you login to your account.
You can buy a good domain name without any hassle by following the steps given above.


After reading this article, you must have come to know what is domain name and how to buy domain name. In this article, I have explained step by step the process of buying a domain name, because many people know how to buy a domain, but do not know what the real meaning of the domain is.

After buying the domain name, you will have to create a website, about which you can get information by reading our second article. In this article you have come to know what is domain?, how to create domain?, friends if you want to create a blog then you can read our article Must read
If you are still facing any problem in buying domain then you can contact us.

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